This week

In Real Moms this week I have two posts up. Read them, love them. Danielle, my St. Luke’s blog boss (and the rest of us) would love the traffic. There’s my shameless self-promotion plug:

I made an official baby announcement on the Real Moms finally. You can read it here.

And I’m trying hard to teach Sonja some responsibility. I don’t know how well it’s going, but I’m trying. You can read that post here.

On the homefront:

Kevin and I are currently embroiled in a battle over exterior house painting. It’s not pretty, the partially scraped east wall of our house or the arguments we’re having. We’re getting some professional estimates today and I’m guessing the sticker shock will convince Kevin he really can do it himself or the non-sticker shock will convince me we can afford someone else painting our house. We shall see… It would be super nice to not paint part of the exterior of our house every summer. Normal people don’t seem to do that. Whoever said we were normal?

Sonja and I are hitting the pool for the first time tonight. Woot! Rumor has it the water is freezing. I’m hoping the walk over there helps me break a massive sweat and I won’t freeze to death.

We survived our first dance recital last weekend. It was quite lovely and I’m the proudest mom in the whole world. I rarely shed parent tears, but dance recital got me! I’ve never gotten on a stage to do anything but graduate (which gave me near panic attacks that I would trip and fall on my face) and my 4-year-old already has a performance under her belt. Go Sonja! Not that she’ll never have stage fright or anything but this has to be good life skills we’re teaching here. I have pictures I need to post. It’s on my list… which is my answer to everything these days.



Iowa Public Radio

Today I busted out of all my comfort zones and appeared as a guest on Iowa Public Radio’s Talk of Iowa show to discuss The Real Moms. After working myself into a nearly full blown panic attack I managed to tone it down to a cold sweat and speak in relatively coherent sentences. It’s super weird to listen to your own voice on the radio.

If you’d like to listen you can click this link: