It’s a Girl!

Camille Irene arrived 5 days late on September 11, 2012 at 7:22 p.m. I really didn’t want her birthday to be 9/11 but it’s not up to me is it? And now we have a reason to celebrate. I’m thinking Red, White, and Blue birthday parties.

She was a big girl at 9 lbs, 13 oz, and 23 inches long. When she finally decided to come out it was painful and quick and a bit of a surprise as we had an induction scheduled for the next morning.

In the last week we’ve fought off some jaundice and we’re trying to get into a routine as a family of 4. Sonja loves her baby sister but does not love sharing her Mama. I assume this will improve when the days stop revolving around my boobs and milk and I can leave the couch and do fun stuff with Sonja more easily. The cat hates me and the baby but I think she secretly loves having someone home all day to let her sniff around the garage.

Thanks to everyone out there for your well wishes, gifts, food, and support! We really, really appreciate it!

So here’s Camille just hours after birth and at one-week-old.

Just Born

One Week Old