Sonja Says

Conversation on the way to daycare today:

Me: Are you ok Sonja? You’re really quiet this morning.

Sonja: Yeah. I’m ok. I’m practicing being quiet for a school



Sonja Says

We had a day of firsts yesterday. We dropped Sonja off for a birthday party with people we don’t know all that well. Don’t worry, she was perfectly safe. But every other birthday party we have attended as a family. She had a fabulous time and Kev, Camille, and I went out for a nice dinner. I’m calling it date night because baby Camille slept through the whole thing!

Sonja also had her first taste of pop at the birthday party. She had Sprite and it’s her new favorite thing. She brought her cup home with her in the car. She was sucking down the remaining soda when she stopped and announced to us, “This makes me not want to sleep!”

Thank goodness no one gave her a real Coke!


Sonja Says

I took Sonja to dance class the other night. I had to take baby Camille with me as well since Kevin had to be at church. We rush to get to dance on time and actually make it. The baby was fussy so I took her out the car seat to finish the bottle we started at home. Turns out she had massive poop explosion. I would have been fussy too! So I go into the restroom and change a diaper on the floor in the stall. I also manage to drop my glass baby bottle on the tile and it shatters everywhere. Luckily it landed away from the baby and me. So I finish the diaper situation and then I clean up the milk and glass with a burp cloth and a blanket I had with me. Finally I told a person at the front desk they probably need to sweep the bathroom really well.

Ugh, I so wanted to cry. But I didn’t everything was fine in the end.

I told Sonja this whole story in the car on the way home and she said, “Mommy, you really should have brought one of your plastic bottles.”

Thanks Sonja.


Sonja Says

I am now 4 days overdue with baby number 2. Sonja and I went for a walk last night. Walking is hard at this point but everyone says walking could induce labor so I’m trying to walk a little each day. As we walked Sonja wanted to go farther and farther. I told her that we couldn’t go that far because I didn’t really want to get too far from home and have a baby in someone’s yard. To which she said, “Yeah, you don’t want to have a baby out here with all the forest and the bugs.”

Ok, Sonja… we were in the middle of town!

Sonja Says

Sonja and I were standing in the entryway of our kitchen the other day and as I unlocked the door to leave for daycare Sonja said, “Watch this Mama!” She stood on her tippy toes to turn on the entryway’s overhead light. Once it clicked on she said, “See? NOW WE’RE IN MEXICO!!!!”

I don’t know where she comes up with the stuff…


It was Heritage Days in Mt. Vernon this past weekend. We had fun seeing my family, old friends, and of course the parade. Obviously it wore us out. Or at least it wore the two of them out. Just a normal Sunday hanging out with our flippers on…

Sonja Says

As everyone knows the last week has been crazy hot. My giant pregnant self hasn’t been outdoors in about 2 weeks except to go to the pool. So on one particularly hot night I said the following to Kevin:

Me to Kevin: I would give just about anything to have a Vodka Lemonade right now.

Sonja: But mommy we don’t have any lemonade?!?!

Sonja Says

Sonja is going to “Grandma Camp” at Kevin’s parent’s house. This morning I said, “Sonja, if you feel homesick, just tell Grandma you want to call your dad or me. I’m sure she will let you.” And then she screamed at me, “I AM NOT GOING TO BE SICK!” Then I tried to explain what homesick meant and thought better of it. I don’t need to put that idea in her head. I just want her to be happy and have fun.

This Week

I always have the best laid plans of blog posts I’m going to write and pictures I’m going to post and then it’s 10:30 p.m. and I’m tired.Thirty minutes ago I made a list of lists I need to make. I’m hoping to feel more calm and organized by the end of the weekend. And maybe I’ll make a list of things for this blog as well. I have so many pictures I should put on here from the past few weeks.

You can read my two Real Moms post for the week here and here. Both are about being prego. Don’t worry I have plenty of Sonja content in the queue as well.

Today I worked from home for a couple hours before a doctor appointment and a dude showed up to start painting our house. Woo hoo!!! Kevin won’t die of crippling fear on the roof and our entire house will be painted in a week or so. We were hoping for one wall by the time the snow flies. I think I’m getting old because this excites me to no end.

And finally, here’s Sonja in her “sun hat.” Last weekend when it was 90+ in the shade she insisted on wearing this thing everywhere we went. Whatever…


This week

In Real Moms this week I have two posts up. Read them, love them. Danielle, my St. Luke’s blog boss (and the rest of us) would love the traffic. There’s my shameless self-promotion plug:

I made an official baby announcement on the Real Moms finally. You can read it here.

And I’m trying hard to teach Sonja some responsibility. I don’t know how well it’s going, but I’m trying. You can read that post here.

On the homefront:

Kevin and I are currently embroiled in a battle over exterior house painting. It’s not pretty, the partially scraped east wall of our house or the arguments we’re having. We’re getting some professional estimates today and I’m guessing the sticker shock will convince Kevin he really can do it himself or the non-sticker shock will convince me we can afford someone else painting our house. We shall see… It would be super nice to not paint part of the exterior of our house every summer. Normal people don’t seem to do that. Whoever said we were normal?

Sonja and I are hitting the pool for the first time tonight. Woot! Rumor has it the water is freezing. I’m hoping the walk over there helps me break a massive sweat and I won’t freeze to death.

We survived our first dance recital last weekend. It was quite lovely and I’m the proudest mom in the whole world. I rarely shed parent tears, but dance recital got me! I’ve never gotten on a stage to do anything but graduate (which gave me near panic attacks that I would trip and fall on my face) and my 4-year-old already has a performance under her belt. Go Sonja! Not that she’ll never have stage fright or anything but this has to be good life skills we’re teaching here. I have pictures I need to post. It’s on my list… which is my answer to everything these days.