Book Report: The Illumination 

Has anyone read The Illumination? I spent all of Saturday reading it. Seriously, I didn’t do anything else.

It was a really good book and I highly recommend it. I found it online somewhere on a “Best Books of 2011” list. I checked with my library at work and they happened to have it. The best part of that is that they deliver it right to my office. It’s an excellent system for a lazy person like me. This book is made up of several different stories tied together by this phenomenon in which all the pain in your body glows with white light, thus the illumination. Everyone in the whole world is affected by it. You never find out what exactly happens with any of the individual people and you’re left to draw your own conclusions, which I really like. But the end has me confused. I think it makes sense, I just think I don’t like it! This book isn’t super long, someone read it and tell me what you think.


How to Make Your Child a Wrestling Fan

It’s no secret I’m a wrestling fan, particularly Iowa Hawkeye wrestling. We went to the Iowa vs. Oklahoma State back in January. She loved it. LOVED IT! It was a crazy meet that was ultimately decided based on criteria which is a weird way to break a tie. Anyway, last night Sonja decided that her and Kevin were going to wrestle. Kevin was going to be the black guys (which is the Hawks, they wear black singlets) and she would be the orange guys (Oklahoma State). Unlike the actual outcome of the meet the Hawks cleary won this bout. Go Hawks!

*Note: no children were injured in this exercise and sorry it’s blurry, I took it in a dark room with my phone. 

Sonja Says

I think they’ve been working on rhyming at school because Sonja told me that “Thursday” rhymes with “Ursday” and “Hair” rhymes with “Air” I guess she’s correct on all accounts. If only “Ursday” was a real 8th day of the week in which I didn’t work and got all my chores at home done.

Menu Monday

Sometimes we use our dining room table for actual eating.

I thought I’d try to post my weekly menus on here. Mostly for my own benefit so I can go back and look at what we’ve eaten. If it were up to me we’d eat cheese pizza for every meal but Kevin and Sonja aren’t into that. Lame. Some weeks are better than others. I’m happy if all of us sit down at the table together a few times each week even if it’s to eat McDonald’s. So far this week is off to a good start, I’ve already cooked two of these meals.

Sunday 2/19
Egg Bake
(This is Kevin’s favorite. I use a recipe I got from a friend after she made it for us and Kevin loved it. Let me know if you want it. It’s a great Midwestern dish you make the day before, refrigerate overnight, and bake the next day. I often make it on Saturday and we eat it after church on Sunday.)

Monday 2/20
Stuffed Shells, Salad, Garlic Bread
(Stuffed shells recipe is from Iowa Girl Eats. I used ground turkey instead of beef because I already had it. We shall see if it tastes good or not tonight!)

Tuesday 2/21
Mini Quinoa Cups
(Also from Iowa Girl Eats. Can you tell I love Iowa Girl Eats? She posts recipes that include things I already have in my cupboard and they don’t take all night to make.)

Wednesday 2/22
Ash Wednesday–Church Night–Leftovers whenever we have time

Thursday 2/23
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, French fries, Fruit or Veggie (whatever I can find in the fridge)

Friday 2/24
Possibly out or find your own food. I hate cooking on Fridays.

I can’t plan this far ahead. We usually eat out one time and kind of do our own thing for other meals. I have a couple soup recipes I want to make though, I’m thinking I’ll fire up the crock pot and the bread machine this weekend.