How did my baby get to be six?

Sonja turned six last Sunday. We had a wild weekend with family, friends, food, and the all important cake! Seriously three different versions of cake to be exact: cake for school, cake for the family party, and finally I gave up and stopped baking and bought a cake at Sam’s for the friends party.

Six looks good on Sonja. She cut her hair into a cute little bob. She’s tall and slim but not too skinny and maintains her totally wacky fashion sense. She loves to run and play and shake her booty to make her friends laugh. But she also loves to learn and she absorbs things like a sponge. (I think all kids this age do, but having never had my own six-year-old, it’s something to behold.) She is turning into a great reader. And yesterday during her free choice period at school she drew a story. I love that she does stuff like that. I don’t know what I did during free choice in Kindergarten. I remember one time I stole a sheep from the play farm and I had to take it back to my teacher and apologize. So I’m thinking I wasn’t as productive as my own daughter.

As for me, I feel older. I feel sort of wiser. I feel like I survived the baby/toddler years and we’re entering a new phase. I feel like it’s that phase I’ve been waiting for where my kid sort of likes me until she hates me as a teenager. And I think, how have I been a mother for six years? There are few things short of breathing I’ve done for six years in my life. And despite feeling wiser when dealing with my second child, I don’t know that I’ve improved at mothering over the last six years. It all changes too much to get really good at it.

Now that Sonja is six we are finally, actually, going to implement a chore chart of some kind. She is more than capable of helping around the house. We also plan to give her a small (VERY small) allowance and start teaching her how to spend, save, and donate. We’ll see how that goes. I picture her buying a lot of My Little Pony crap and candy bars. But that’s ok right? It’s her money now.

So, Happy Birthday Sonja Begonia! You are my favorite oldest daughter.