Menu Tuesday

I’m a day late this week. But I’ve been cooking and I managed to kill Kevin’s 15-year-old microwave last night making baked (or microwaved?) potatoes. So now we need to go shopping I guess. How else are we going to make the popcorn we eat while watching NASCAR next weekend?! HOW?! And by “we” I mean Sonja and me because Kev has better things to do than watch 4 hours of racing with us.

Sunday 3/18
Lunch: Find your own food
Dinner: Bruschetta

Monday 3/19
Shredded chicken sandwiches, baked potatoes (KILLED THE MICROWAVE!), and grapes

Tuesday 3/20
Leftovers (Bruschetta or Chicken Sandwiches) because I have a church meeting.

Wednesday 3/21
Leftovers (Bruschetta or Chicken Sandwiches) because Kevin has church band practice.

Thursday 3/22
Tilapia (purchased frozen from Aldi), rice, peas

Friday 3/23 (My sister Tara’s birthday!!!)
Papa Murphy’s


Menu Monday

So my menu from 2 weeks ago failed miserably. We didn’t love the stuffed shells. I think I should have made them with beef instead of turkey. I’m not giving up on them yet. I think the recipe was good, my alterations were bad. After that, the last two weeks exploded and we were busy every night and I sat down to eat ice cream or frozen pizza at 9:30 p.m. Awesome. So this week, we’re still busy, but I’m trying to get us back on track. Plus I’m out of frozen pizza and I don’t want to go to the store.

Sunday 3/4
Lunch: Shredded chicken sandwiches, french fries, fruit
Dinner: Fend for yourself

Monday 3/5
Leftover chicken sandwiches

Tuesday 3/6
Taco Tuesday

Wednesday 3/7
Church night–Find your own food

Thursday 3/8
Mini Quinoa Cups
(I never got around to making these two weeks ago, so I’m attempting them again this week!)

Friday 3/9
Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Not an exciting food week but at least I have a plan! And we might actually sit down at the table together which is always nice.

Menu Monday

Sometimes we use our dining room table for actual eating.

I thought I’d try to post my weekly menus on here. Mostly for my own benefit so I can go back and look at what we’ve eaten. If it were up to me we’d eat cheese pizza for every meal but Kevin and Sonja aren’t into that. Lame. Some weeks are better than others. I’m happy if all of us sit down at the table together a few times each week even if it’s to eat McDonald’s. So far this week is off to a good start, I’ve already cooked two of these meals.

Sunday 2/19
Egg Bake
(This is Kevin’s favorite. I use a recipe I got from a friend after she made it for us and Kevin loved it. Let me know if you want it. It’s a great Midwestern dish you make the day before, refrigerate overnight, and bake the next day. I often make it on Saturday and we eat it after church on Sunday.)

Monday 2/20
Stuffed Shells, Salad, Garlic Bread
(Stuffed shells recipe is from Iowa Girl Eats. I used ground turkey instead of beef because I already had it. We shall see if it tastes good or not tonight!)

Tuesday 2/21
Mini Quinoa Cups
(Also from Iowa Girl Eats. Can you tell I love Iowa Girl Eats? She posts recipes that include things I already have in my cupboard and they don’t take all night to make.)

Wednesday 2/22
Ash Wednesday–Church Night–Leftovers whenever we have time

Thursday 2/23
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, French fries, Fruit or Veggie (whatever I can find in the fridge)

Friday 2/24
Possibly out or find your own food. I hate cooking on Fridays.

I can’t plan this far ahead. We usually eat out one time and kind of do our own thing for other meals. I have a couple soup recipes I want to make though, I’m thinking I’ll fire up the crock pot and the bread machine this weekend.