First Day of Rainbow Room

Sonja started her last room at full-time daycare last week. She moved to what they call Rainbow Room. It’s for 4- and 5-year-olds and while it’s just daycare they do preschool activities each day. She was very, very excited! And so far it’s great. She’s suddenly interested in working with letters and drawing and counting in Spanish. I have no doubt she will be prepared for Kindergarten a year from now. We gave her a mani/pedi the night before and then I took her picture before we left on the first day. She insisted I take one of her “shaking her booty.” That girl…

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Maternity Photos

I find maternity photos to be rather self-indulgent and narcissistic but I wanted to record this pregnancy. I’m pretty sure it’s my last. (Kevin is leaving the option open for a third and at 9 months prego I can’t even entertain that thought!) I decided I wanted to get some pics of this massive belly and Sonja before giving birth. Most of these are just me because we went to a local park that had a playground. Oopsies! Sonja immediately ditched us for the playground and Kevin shot the photos. I don’t think the stripes help my girth but it’s one of the three shirts I actually like and it still fits. (Click on a photo to see it larger!)

Sonja Says

Sonja and I were standing in the entryway of our kitchen the other day and as I unlocked the door to leave for daycare Sonja said, “Watch this Mama!” She stood on her tippy toes to turn on the entryway’s overhead light. Once it clicked on she said, “See? NOW WE’RE IN MEXICO!!!!”

I don’t know where she comes up with the stuff…