This Coke and giant cinnamon roll is my reward for this:










I tripped over a crack in the sidewalk while running in the dark this morning and now I have this giant strawberry on my knee. I haven’t had one of these since I fell off the treadmill in college and before that it was high school softball when I slid wrong into 2nd base. Running is a full contact sport sometimes for me I guess. I’m more concerned that I’m eating my feelings.


Sonja Says

Forgive me for more Sonja-isms. I don’t want to forget this one though so I have to put it somewhere!

We were driving home from dance class yesterday and I was waiting to turn left. When it was finally my turn I let the clutch out too fast and killed the engine. I instinctively said, “Oh shit!” (Yes, I’m a potty mouth.) I started the car and  made the turn. Then I told Sonja, please don’t say that word. That is a naughty word and mommy shouldn’t have said it. To which Sonja wisely replied, “But ‘Oh’ isn’t a bad word mommy…”

No, no, it’s not Sonja…

Sonja Says

Sonja: Let’s go to the White House and visit President Obama!!!!!!

Me: We can’t just go to the White House.


Oh Sonja… how does she even know about President Obama OR The White House?

A Note to the Guy at the Honda Dealer

Please do not take offense to this. Your people did what I assume is excellent work on my car. Although I’m still not happy about coming in for a $40 oil change and leaving with $750 of other stuff done to my car. Yes, it needed 2 tires. And yes, the 60,000 mile maintenance probably was necessary because I drive a lot and I want my car to last until Sonja gets a driver’s license, but the sticker shock hurts.

My annoyance comes from when I picked up my car. You and your co-workers (one of whom was a woman) were huddled around talking football. And when you told me this and I asked if you were talking about Peyton Manning/Tim Tebow you gave me that, “Oh look a girl wants to talk about football,” smile that I hate. You said no you were talking about the Saints coach getting suspended for next season. And when I proceeded to engage you in conversation because since becoming a parent most of my friends are women now and don’t care to talk trade deadlines and box scores, I take sports talk wherever I can get it, but you just kept giving me that chiding smile. I hate that smile. And even more I hate that attitude.

Yes I’m a girl. Yes I don’t always know as much as my male counterparts but I’m pretty sure that a third of the people I follow on Twitter are somehow sports related. I love baseball the most with football coming a close second. And I admit that I’m a NASCAR fan. I’m a Ford girl all the way. I don’t pretend to know a thing about basketball. But I grew up with a sports obsessed dad who passed it on to me. I check scores in the morning. I read sports op ed. I listen to Sports Talk on the radio. I don’t get to watch as much as I used to because I’m juggling a 4-year-old and sometimes it’s just easier to turn on Spongebob even though the Bears are on at the same time.

My own husband doesn’t care about sports at all. (Although after 11 years he’s starting to come around.) He respects my knowledge and interests and doesn’t care if I know more about it than he does.  Change your attitude boys. I’m just as smart as you. And most of it is speculation and opinion anyway when you’re reading/listening to this stuff. Don’t give me that smile. And when a girl has heard of Sean Payton and his extra pay for hard hitting football you should probably engage her. In my experience there aren’t that many of us out there.

Menu Tuesday

I’m a day late this week. But I’ve been cooking and I managed to kill Kevin’s 15-year-old microwave last night making baked (or microwaved?) potatoes. So now we need to go shopping I guess. How else are we going to make the popcorn we eat while watching NASCAR next weekend?! HOW?! And by “we” I mean Sonja and me because Kev has better things to do than watch 4 hours of racing with us.

Sunday 3/18
Lunch: Find your own food
Dinner: Bruschetta

Monday 3/19
Shredded chicken sandwiches, baked potatoes (KILLED THE MICROWAVE!), and grapes

Tuesday 3/20
Leftovers (Bruschetta or Chicken Sandwiches) because I have a church meeting.

Wednesday 3/21
Leftovers (Bruschetta or Chicken Sandwiches) because Kevin has church band practice.

Thursday 3/22
Tilapia (purchased frozen from Aldi), rice, peas

Friday 3/23 (My sister Tara’s birthday!!!)
Papa Murphy’s

Iowa Public Radio

Today I busted out of all my comfort zones and appeared as a guest on Iowa Public Radio’s Talk of Iowa show to discuss The Real Moms. After working myself into a nearly full blown panic attack I managed to tone it down to a cold sweat and speak in relatively coherent sentences. It’s super weird to listen to your own voice on the radio.

If you’d like to listen you can click this link: http://onlinemedia.iowapublicradio.org:8010/documents/news_stories/3553.mp3

Menu Monday

I have zero good ideas for this week and very little food in my kitchen since we were out of town for the weekend. I really just want to nap, but I’m going to TRY and feed us.

Monday 3/12
Pick up sandwiches on the way home. Sonja and I both have haircuts tonight and there’s not enough time to cook before leaving the house.

Tuesday 3/13
Pancakes, sausage, and fruit. We eat this a lot but I always have the ingredients and it doesn’t take long to make.

Wednesday 3/14
Church night means fending for yourself. Sonja and I might have some spaghetti and salad

Thursday 3/15
I have some plans for Thursday night so I’ll make an egg bake for Kevin and Sonja.

Friday 3/16
Grocery night means frozen pizza and then shopping.

Not an inspiring week! At least we’re not eating McDonald’s every night which is what I WANT to do when we’re busy and out of food!

Sonja Says

One of Sonja’s favorite teachers was in Blue Room this morning when I dropped her off. Laura (the teacher), Cooper M. (Sonja’s friend), and I had the following conversation:

Laura: SONJA!!! Good morning!!! Cooper was just telling me how you are his best friend!

(Sonja smiles really big.)

Me: That is awesome! Sonja really likes you too Cooper I hear about you all the time and she even wants to dress like you.

(Sonja and Cooper happen to be dressed identically today. Boys track pants, Hawkeye t-shirt for her, Spiderman t-shirt for him, and tennis shoes.)

Cooper: My mom likes to wrestle me too!

Me: Does she win?

Cooper: NO! I win every time.

And there you have it, super random 4-year-old conversation to start my day.

Menu Monday

So my menu from 2 weeks ago failed miserably. We didn’t love the stuffed shells. I think I should have made them with beef instead of turkey. I’m not giving up on them yet. I think the recipe was good, my alterations were bad. After that, the last two weeks exploded and we were busy every night and I sat down to eat ice cream or frozen pizza at 9:30 p.m. Awesome. So this week, we’re still busy, but I’m trying to get us back on track. Plus I’m out of frozen pizza and I don’t want to go to the store.

Sunday 3/4
Lunch: Shredded chicken sandwiches, french fries, fruit
Dinner: Fend for yourself

Monday 3/5
Leftover chicken sandwiches

Tuesday 3/6
Taco Tuesday

Wednesday 3/7
Church night–Find your own food

Thursday 3/8
Mini Quinoa Cups
(I never got around to making these two weeks ago, so I’m attempting them again this week!)

Friday 3/9
Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Not an exciting food week but at least I have a plan! And we might actually sit down at the table together which is always nice.

Real Moms of Eastern Iowa

So, I’m officially a mommyblogger! Please check out my new project here: http://stlukescrblogs.com/realmomsofeasterniowa/

I’m really excited about it and I’ve been working hard writing about our family. If you’re in the Cedar Rapids area, I’m also on a billboard for the month of March. (Yikes!) It’s on 1st Ave near St. Luke’s Women’s Center facing west.

Look, I'm huge and I don't know how to pose!

And  St. Luke’s made a video of our photo shoot. It’s pretty cute! You can watch it here:


I’m excited to have some new mom friends too even if I only know a couple of them via the internet. I think we all hope people like this and can relate!