Happy Halloween!

I made this to send to our niece with some Halloween treats. i thought I’d share it here because I haven’t posted in forever and we love you too.

Sonja is thrilled to be Pink Bat Girl! I mean, beyond excited. She saw this costume in a newspaper ad and HAD TO HAVE IT RIGHT NOW! Thank you Party City. This new mom was happy to spend $30 and have Halloween taken care of in five minutes.

Hope everyone has a fun and spooky time on Wednesday!


Sonja Says

I took Sonja to dance class the other night. I had to take baby Camille with me as well since Kevin had to be at church. We rush to get to dance on time and actually make it. The baby was fussy so I took her out the car seat to finish the bottle we started at home. Turns out she had massive poop explosion. I would have been fussy too! So I go into the restroom and change a diaper on the floor in the stall. I also manage to drop my glass baby bottle on the tile and it shatters everywhere. Luckily it landed away from the baby and me. So I finish the diaper situation and then I clean up the milk and glass with a burp cloth and a blanket I had with me. Finally I told a person at the front desk they probably need to sweep the bathroom really well.

Ugh, I so wanted to cry. But I didn’t everything was fine in the end.

I told Sonja this whole story in the car on the way home and she said, “Mommy, you really should have brought one of your plastic bottles.”

Thanks Sonja.


Photo Shoot

For some reason I’m a crazy person and decided that, yeah sure, I can take some pictures of my friend Lyz and her family. Surprisingly I managed to take the photos and edit them in only two days. Thank you Baby Camille for letting me get this little project done. We met at the park on Sunday. It was a little cold but a beautiful fall day in Iowa.

My apologies to all three of them for having to run home and empty the memory card in my camera and then for having faulty equipment in the end. Ugh! So unprofessional of me. This is why I don’t do this to feed my family!

How cute are they?!

Look! It’s Me!

Kevin took this a couple weeks ago when we did a little photo shoot with our babies. Meow Meow and I sat as subjects to get the lights right. The circles under my eyes aren’t even that bad. This was about two weeks ago though. There’s been a lot less sleeping since then I think.