Three Months Old

Camille was three months old on Tuesday. She makes me smile and warms my heart. She has a funny little smile. She likes to “talk” with her big sister. She occasionally rolls over. She quickly gets furious if she’s hungry and we’re not quick enough with her milk. She loves being held by anyone. Mostly she’s pretty easy going. I need the growing to slow down!



Sonja Says

Me: Look Sonja, we’re both wearing dresses with purple flowers today!

Sonja: But mine is cooler than yours.

Alrighty then…


First Christmas

We went to see Santa at Westdale Mall on Saturday night. Both girls did great! No one cried and Sonja even told Santa what she wanted in a voice he was able to hear and understand. Sometimes she gets quiet and mumbly when she’s nervous. Why doesn’t Santa pass out candy canes anymore? Now you just get a coloring book. Healthier I suppose but not nearly as fun in my opinion!