Two Months

How has it been two months already?! Camille is doing great! She weighs 12 lbs, 5 oz and is 24.5 inches long. She is smiling more each day. She likes to coo and grunt and chew on her hands. She loves to watch her big sister do anything. She started daycare last week and they tell me she’s laid back and relaxed. We’re feeling lucky to have a happy, healthy baby!



Sonja Says

We had a day of firsts yesterday. We dropped Sonja off for a birthday party with people we don’t know all that well. Don’t worry, she was perfectly safe. But every other birthday party we have attended as a family. She had a fabulous time and Kev, Camille, and I went out for a nice dinner. I’m calling it date night because baby Camille slept through the whole thing!

Sonja also had her first taste of pop at the birthday party. She had Sprite and it’s her new favorite thing. She brought her cup home with her in the car. She was sucking down the remaining soda when she stopped and announced to us, “This makes me not want to sleep!”

Thank goodness no one gave her a real Coke!


Happy Halloween!

I made this to send to our niece with some Halloween treats. i thought I’d share it here because I haven’t posted in forever and we love you too.

Sonja is thrilled to be Pink Bat Girl! I mean, beyond excited. She saw this costume in a newspaper ad and HAD TO HAVE IT RIGHT NOW! Thank you Party City. This new mom was happy to spend $30 and have Halloween taken care of in five minutes.

Hope everyone has a fun and spooky time on Wednesday!

Sonja Says

I took Sonja to dance class the other night. I had to take baby Camille with me as well since Kevin had to be at church. We rush to get to dance on time and actually make it. The baby was fussy so I took her out the car seat to finish the bottle we started at home. Turns out she had massive poop explosion. I would have been fussy too! So I go into the restroom and change a diaper on the floor in the stall. I also manage to drop my glass baby bottle on the tile and it shatters everywhere. Luckily it landed away from the baby and me. So I finish the diaper situation and then I clean up the milk and glass with a burp cloth and a blanket I had with me. Finally I told a person at the front desk they probably need to sweep the bathroom really well.

Ugh, I so wanted to cry. But I didn’t everything was fine in the end.

I told Sonja this whole story in the car on the way home and she said, “Mommy, you really should have brought one of your plastic bottles.”

Thanks Sonja.


Photo Shoot

For some reason I’m a crazy person and decided that, yeah sure, I can take some pictures of my friend Lyz and her family. Surprisingly I managed to take the photos and edit them in only two days. Thank you Baby Camille for letting me get this little project done. We met at the park on Sunday. It was a little cold but a beautiful fall day in Iowa.

My apologies to all three of them for having to run home and empty the memory card in my camera and then for having faulty equipment in the end. Ugh! So unprofessional of me. This is why I don’t do this to feed my family!

How cute are they?!

Look! It’s Me!

Kevin took this a couple weeks ago when we did a little photo shoot with our babies. Meow Meow and I sat as subjects to get the lights right. The circles under my eyes aren’t even that bad. This was about two weeks ago though. There’s been a lot less sleeping since then I think. 



I’m trying to document Camille’s firsts. They are just as exciting as Sonja’s firsts but harder to document with a Sonja to parent as well. So here is Camille’s first trip to church yesterday. She slept through every last second of it! I have a picture of Kev and baby Sonja on her first day … Continue reading

It’s a Girl!

Camille Irene arrived 5 days late on September 11, 2012 at 7:22 p.m. I really didn’t want her birthday to be 9/11 but it’s not up to me is it? And now we have a reason to celebrate. I’m thinking Red, White, and Blue birthday parties.

She was a big girl at 9 lbs, 13 oz, and 23 inches long. When she finally decided to come out it was painful and quick and a bit of a surprise as we had an induction scheduled for the next morning.

In the last week we’ve fought off some jaundice and we’re trying to get into a routine as a family of 4. Sonja loves her baby sister but does not love sharing her Mama. I assume this will improve when the days stop revolving around my boobs and milk and I can leave the couch and do fun stuff with Sonja more easily. The cat hates me and the baby but I think she secretly loves having someone home all day to let her sniff around the garage.

Thanks to everyone out there for your well wishes, gifts, food, and support! We really, really appreciate it!

So here’s Camille just hours after birth and at one-week-old.

Just Born

One Week Old

Sonja Says

I am now 4 days overdue with baby number 2. Sonja and I went for a walk last night. Walking is hard at this point but everyone says walking could induce labor so I’m trying to walk a little each day. As we walked Sonja wanted to go farther and farther. I told her that we couldn’t go that far because I didn’t really want to get too far from home and have a baby in someone’s yard. To which she said, “Yeah, you don’t want to have a baby out here with all the forest and the bugs.”

Ok, Sonja… we were in the middle of town!

Due Date

Today is my due date. I have no sense that we’ll have a baby today but whatev… it has to happen soon right. In the meantime, here’s the list of stuff I’ve done in the last 3 days to get ready:

1. Scheduled and paid all our bills for September

2. Shaved my legs

3. Painted my toenails (which was a crazy feat of strength and flexibility)

4. Made 3 loaves of bread (we have a bread machine)

5. I knitted a hat for the baby

6. Cut down all the dead flowers in the yard

7. I wrote a few posts for Real Moms

8. I keep updating this here blog

9. I found a long-missing poster and had Kevin frame it for the baby room

10. I’ve made nearly 2 gallons of laundry soap in preparation for washing diapers

11. I did all the laundry and changed all the sheets on the bed. I do that every Wednesday but I was hoping I’d get out of it yesterday.

I think that’s all. Now I’m just waiting… Well, I’m working from home for my job so that takes up 8 hours a day, but the other 16 are wide open. This kid just needs to join us on the outside!

P.S. I forgot! I also did a jump roping demo for Sonja last night. She wants to learn how to skip rope, so I showed her. I thought for sure that would shake the baby out. Guess I was wrong!