This is the last set of photos I wanted to get posted before I give birth. Tomorrow is my due date so hopefully the baby cooperates and realizes I’ve completed all the tasks on my to-do list. We hosted Team Kick Butts for RAGBRAI this summer during the annual event’s overnight stop in Cedar Rapids. I admit we were both sort of dreading it. Initial reports said that there would be 20-30 people staying in our yard and house and it was crazy hot. Our house is not that big so we were just not sure where we’d put everyone. In the end we had about 14 people. Some slept in a camper and an RV and some slept on our floors. And my friends Marcos and Ryan who were riding with another team came over to eat dinner and hang out for the evening. I hadn’t seen Marcos in about 2 years so that was really great. I still have no desire to ride my bike all the way across Iowa but it was fun to meet new people and their ability to ride that far in a week is pretty cool!

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