Prozac Kitty


Our cat is crazy. Everyone knows this and most people who stop by our house are scared of her. They have good reason to be. She hisses and she has her claws and isn’t afraid to use them.

So Kevin talked to our vet who suggested Prozac. Every night when I get home from work I shove a pill down her throat and then I feel bad. But, she seems to be calmer.

Kevin has started taking her out in the yard on her leash for a little exploring every night. It’s just the cutest thing ever. She seems to love being outside and when she gets tired of it she leads him back to the door and comes inside.

I just hope she’s not so scared of our family and friends anymore. She doesn’t listen when I tell her people would like to play with her and pet her is only she’d stop trying to kill them!

Ugh…I’m a crazy cat lady.


2 responses

  1. I know that Zoey would love to take me out but I can’t help but feel sorry for her…..I am afraid of her and feel bad for her at the same time. 😦

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