This Week

I always have the best laid plans of blog posts I’m going to write and pictures I’m going to post and then it’s 10:30 p.m. and I’m tired.Thirty minutes ago I made a list of lists I need to make. I’m hoping to feel more calm and organized by the end of the weekend. And maybe I’ll make a list of things for this blog as well. I have so many pictures I should put on here from the past few weeks.

You can read my two Real Moms post for the week here and here. Both are about being prego. Don’t worry I have plenty of Sonja content in the queue as well.

Today I worked from home for a couple hours before a doctor appointment and a dude showed up to start painting our house. Woo hoo!!! Kevin won’t die of crippling fear on the roof and our entire house will be painted in a week or so. We were hoping for one wall by the time the snow flies. I think I’m getting old because this excites me to no end.

And finally, here’s Sonja in her “sun hat.” Last weekend when it was 90+ in the shade she insisted on wearing this thing everywhere we went. Whatever…



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