Garden Time

This is one of my favorite times of the year. The time of year when it’s warm, but not too warm. You can hang in the yard and not sweat to death or get eaten by mosquitoes. And you can plant a garden. There’s always so much hope at the beginning of the garden. Hope that it will stay looking so neat. Hope that I WILL go out there and water it every other day. Of course all that ambition fades by July when it’s 95 degrees and I’m tired from being at work all day.

We have scaled back our garden efforts the past 5 years. Mostly because we don’t have the time or energy to care for all those plants or the freezer space to keep them all. And I am not interested in starting a canning operation. We also don’t care to wage war against the bunnies, deer, and chipmunks that inevitably end up consuming most of our harvest. So we took back the garden plot and turned it back into grass a few years ago. I still love having my own homegrown fresh tomatoes in August though. Lucky for me my mother-in-law had four extra plants she wasn’t using. Sweet! I didn’t even have to buy anything. Sonja and I planted our four tomato plants in an old flower bed next to the house. I’m hoping they do well there. It’s very sunny and far away from the pine tree that sucks the life out of all the other plants in the yard. Only a 3-4 month wait for fresh salsa…

Who knew you could buy Disney Princess garden supplies? Ours are getting a lot of use these days.


One response

  1. Looks like a little Kevin to me – I love the gardening in a dress and with Princess garden supplies. Cute. By the way, the front yard looks great!

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