Dance Pictures

Yesterday I left work early to race to daycare, get Sonja, get her home, do her ballet bun and make up, and then race to the photo studio for dance recital pictures. Phew! And then from there we raced to soccer. We may be overbooked right now. Oh well, she really enjoys both things. And can I just say that all those years of braiding my fellow softball team members hair is finally paying off. Sonja is not good at growing hair. She was bald well into her 2nd year of life. But I defied gravity and science and wrangled her curly little mane into the world’s tiniest medium ballet bun. Special thanks goes out to the three thousand bobby pins I used, Tresemme extra hold hair spray, and my flat iron for keeping it all in place.

She kind of looked like a creepy doll child with the makeup and severe hair. I’ve never seen her all made up that way because who does that to their kid outside of Toddlers and Tiaras or in our case a dance recital? And for the record we don’t HAVE to put makeup on her. It’s suggested by the dance studio and I feel it’s something fun for a special occasion. And in the case of dance it’s more of a theater thing. You need some makeup on the face to make your features visible to the audience. I don’t feel like I’m somehow pimping out my four-year-old. And I’m guessing we won’t put another lick of makeup on her face until recital time next year.

I took a few pictures of her at home before we left. I have no idea when I’ll get the “official” photos from the photography studio. This one was my favorite. I told her to strike a dancer pose. And she went all intense on me. That girl cracks me up! The only thing missing here is the giant purple hair pouf she has to wear on the left side of her head. I hadn’t put it on yet at this point. Now let’s just hope she decides to actually go out on the stage in a few weeks!


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