Wedding Quilt

Last fall I decided I was tired of our two duvet covers for the big down comforter. I went hunting through my hoarding mess in our upper level and found a quilt we received from our wedding. It was made for us by Kevin’s great-aunt Vivian who is just the sassiest lady you’ve ever met! She’s nearly 90 (she might already be 90) and she plays the organ and hangs out with her friends. I only hope to be as involved and fun as she is when I’m 40 let alone 90! Anyway, I found the quilt and thought hey, that has some fall colors, I’ll just throw it on top of our bed. Turns out Kev and I both loved it and it was an extra layer of warmth during the cold part of the year.

Well now it’s spring. Those golds and browns are making me think of football and turkey so I thought it was time to switch it up again. I didn’t want the boring old white comforter and I have no idea where I’ve stored the duvets. So I went hunting again. And I found this quilt! We also got this for our wedding almost 8 years ago. I’ve kept it safely in a closet all that time. My sister helped make this along with the sewing circle at my parent’s church. And it’s pink!!!! It’s probably a little girly for Kevin but I love it! And he says he likes it too. It looks like the cat approves as well.

This is all part of my plan to decorate with the stuff we already own this year! We need to save our cash for the daycare bill that’s going to more than double come November. And we have lots of great stuff that we’ve forgotten about. Here’s to spring cleaning and re-decorating!

Close up of the cross-stitch detail in the center

New quilt plus cat


4 responses

  1. I forgot that I even cross-stitched those squares! It looks beautiful. We like to use our wedding quilt in the spring too.

  2. The cat really loves it! She burrito rolled herself into it right when the alarm went off this morning and I suspect she’ll still be there after work!

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