Sonja Says

We went to Tulsa, OK for a wedding this weekend. That’s largely why I’ve been away from the internets for a week. I was preparing for the trip and then I was on the trip and now I’m back at work and doing 700 loads of laundry at home. The blogging fell to the wayside.

All that time in the car left me with two “Sonja Says” gems though. Here’s the first:

Sonja likes to point out the ratio of boys to girls wherever we are. She especially likes that there are 3 girls (Sonja, the cat, and me are all female) and only 1 boy (DADDY!). So we’re driving along and have this exchange:

Sonja: There are 2 girls and 1 daddy in this car.

Me: And he’s a pretty good daddy to put up with all of us girls!

Sonja: He IS a good daddy! Except sometimes when he is mad he says “goddamnit!”

At that point I lost it and couldn’t even breathe while Kevin commenced a lecture on why we shouldn’t say “goddamnit!” because it’s a naughty word. And he is sorry he says that sometimes.


Sonja Says number two went something like this:

Kevin and I failed to take a correct exit once we got to Tulsa. Despite being two relatively intelligent people and having 3 GPS devices in the car we still took a wrong turn. And of course the wrong exit took us 20 miles out of our way on a toll road that we also did not have any change to pay for at an exit without an attendant. Sorry, State of Oklahoma. Send us a ticket. We tried to do the right thing by calling the world’s most confusing 1-800 number to get it worked out. So Kevin is just super angry at me and I’m angry at him and we’ve settled into an angry silence when Sonja pipes up from the backseat where’s she clutching Bobby the Monkey and her Baby Princess Aurora doll to her chest, “When daddy yells it makes my babies sad.”


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