500 Miles

Everyone knows I’m a runner right? I don’t talk about it on the internet much. No one actually cares how much I sweat or how many miles I run. But on Saturday these shoes hit 500.25 miles! You’ll see in the second photo that I ALMOST have a hole worn through the bottom of the right shoe. Crazy! “They” (meaning Runner’s World magazine, my primary source for running info) say that shoes are good for 400-500 miles. I decided to make these puppies last all 500. I’ve never tracked my mileage for so long (10 months). It’s weird to think my body has traveled that far as well, primarily in a circuitous route around my neighborhood. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere… No time for metaphors, I laced up my new Brooks Ghost 4 shoes (they came in pink!) on Sunday and started over.

P.S. Click the photos to make them bigger. I figured out how to make a gallery. I’m getting better at the internets all the time.


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    • There are some big gaps in there with no running! I know a lot of people try to run 1,000 miles every year!!! I don’t think I have that in me. Would be an interesting goal though…That’s about 20 miles per week which isn’t THAT much. Maybe that will be my 2013 resolution. 🙂

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