Soccer Mom

Sonja started soccer last night in the park near our house. She wasn’t too sure about it at first but she came around in the end and had a lot of fun. thank goodness for her friend Leo. Without him I’m pretty sure she would have cried and hid behind me for the entire 45 minutes. I’m very proud of her for overcoming her nervousness and joining the other kids though. Our goal for the weekend is to find shin guards. Sonja is hoping they come in pink. Fingers crossed for that!

Totally Freaked OUT! Won't let go of my leg. The back light is nice though isn't it?

Watching the other kids mess around before the practice started. She really did not want to join them!

Practicing with the other kids finally!


2 responses

  1. Oh man…..poor Sonja – as long as it wasn’t as bad as the fun run. Good luck on finidng pink shin guards……she has that distressed look on her face……

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