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4th Birthday

My girl turned FOUR last week. Four. Such a big number. The number of years it took to graduate high school which seemed to take forever. And then the number of years it took to graduate from college which also seemed to take up a good chunk of time. But this, these four years of being a parent have flown by.

Three was a challenge for Kevin and me as parents. Three-year-olds (or just mine?) are difficult to be around. So many tantrums and the potty training…Oy. It was a year of trying to figure out what the heck we were supposed to be doing. I’m pretty sure we didn’t figure anything out except that the closer to four we got, the more bearable it was to be around Sonja. I’m looking forward to 13-year old Sonja. (Note the sarcasm.)

Sonja had a great birthday/Easter weekend. Lots of treats and parties and cake. She is hugely disappointed that she does not look any different and she is not physically bigger now that she’s four. She likes the solar system, baby dolls, My Little Pony, reading books, working on writing letters, pizza, tacos, and peas. She does not like tomatoes, bedtime, having her hair washed, wearing jeans, or thunderstorms. She started Sunday School and dance this year and she starts soccer later this week. She’s very busy.

Sonja is hilarious and entertaining and I don’t know what we ever did before we had her! Happy Birthday Sonja!



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  1. Love the Sonja picks….especially the first one. Oh my, how the years fly. I can remember pretty well a 4 year old Melanie and a 4 year old Tara……wow!

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