Sonja Says

One of Sonja’s favorite teachers was in Blue Room this morning when I dropped her off. Laura (the teacher), Cooper M. (Sonja’s friend), and I had the following conversation:

Laura: SONJA!!! Good morning!!! Cooper was just telling me how you are his best friend!

(Sonja smiles really big.)

Me: That is awesome! Sonja really likes you too Cooper I hear about you all the time and she even wants to dress like you.

(Sonja and Cooper happen to be dressed identically today. Boys track pants, Hawkeye t-shirt for her, Spiderman t-shirt for him, and tennis shoes.)

Cooper: My mom likes to wrestle me too!

Me: Does she win?

Cooper: NO! I win every time.

And there you have it, super random 4-year-old conversation to start my day.


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